Dynavision D2™

The Dynavision D2 is a revolutionary diagnostic and rehabilitative tool. It works on visuo-motor, neuro-cognitive, and spatial skills as well as on a neurological process termed “efferent copy”. This process engages and integrates two very important regions of the brain; the cerebellum and frontal lobe. These areas of the brain are responsible for everything that makes us human such as problem solving, timing, sequencing, planning, initiating thought processes, and coordination. The user is required to manually compress targets made up of 64 LED lights that are blinking in a strategically established manner according to the neurological presentation of the person. The information is recorded and attention is placed on speed and sequence.

The Dynavision D2 has been utilized in many studies including one in which the Conde Center For Chiropractic Neurology, the Upledger Institute, and the Ricky Williams Foundation collaborated on. This study neurologically assessed retired National Football League Players which had at least one concussion in their career. The results were astounding as the players displayed numerous deficiencies in brain activity.