Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy

Whole body vibration therapy (WBVT) is a new, revolutionary therapy offered at the Conde Center. By applying vibration from a special platform, WBVT stimulates sensors found in the musculoskeletal system called muscle spindles and mechanoreceptors that increase muscle tone in the spine and the extremities and enhance the brain-body connection.

This results in the increased production of human growth hormone, serotonin, endorphins, and testosterone; all of which contribute to keeping you feeling and functioning better.

Numerous studies have shown WBVT to aid in the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis (one of the main causes of spinal stenosis), osteoporosis, neck-back pain, sports injuries, and neurodegenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Oftentimes, rehabilitative exercises are done in conjunction with vibration therapy. Below, you will see the point to point coordination exercise and cross midline exercise used to neurologically rehabilitate.

Vibration Therapy Has Advantages Compared to Conventional Therapy

The medical benefits and advantages of vibration therapy as testified by medical professionals that use the therapy, are tremendous. Vibration therapy and exercise on the Vibe Platform is becoming an everyday part of their rehab and therapy programs. WBVT is being accepted world wide by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centers throughout the world.

The WBVT Platform at the Conde Center is one of the few vibration platforms that give off vertical vibrations, which is preferred by medical professionals and fitness trainers alike. VibePlate allows people with conditions such as Peripheral Neuropathy, osteoporosis, scoliosis,arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Spinal Stenosis, stroke victims, Parkinson’s Disease, back pain, obesity and more, to benefit from vibration therapy, vibration exercise and vibration training on the plate within their personal limitations.

WBVT also allows the patient to go through physical therapy, rehab exercise and massage rehab with less pain…drug free. WBVT can also energize, increase range of motion, rebuild healthy muscle tissue, increase circulation, reduce tension and stress.

Vibration Therapy at the Conde Center