Treatment & Diagnostics

Functional medicine is a relatively new, cutting-edge term that describes a continuum of health in which the traditional definitive line between health and disease has been stretched to include most of the population which is neither completely healthy nor diseased. This type of medicine has been around for years and has been recently gaining notoriety due to the number of growing patients whom are left undiagnosed, starving for a therapy to address their particular symptoms. In essence, this model is based on neurological and biochemical individuality. Just as two cars which are made in the same factory fail to run identically, so do our bodies all function somewhat uniquely.

The main premise of functional medicine is to assess an individual’s current neurophysiology, musculoskeletal status, and biochemistry to determine where the malfunctioning regions reside. Subsequently, an individualized treatment plan is constructed targeting these under functioning regions utilizing advanced, neurological, physical therapy, and nutritional rehabilitative mechanisms. The treatment is appropriate for your particular brain and body. The treatment that worked for your friend may not work for you. This is why an individualized assessment is so important. This plan of action applies to any particular symptom pattern from low back pain to dizziness to sports injuries.

Below are some of the diagnostic testing procedures and treatments offered at the Conde Center. These procedures are used to investigate human physiology.

Diagnostic Tests:

• Blood Pressure
• Heart/lung Screening
• Height/Weight
• Digital X-Rays
• Strength Testing
• Reflex Testing
• Musculoskeletal Orthopedic Testing
• Neurological Postural Analysis
• Detailed Cranial Nerve Analysis
• Peripheral Nerve Testing
• Sensory and Motor Evaluation
Medical Virtual Reality

• Vestibuloocular Testing
• Optokinetic Testing
• Caloric Testing
VisualEyes VNG- Video Nystagmography
• Computerized Perimetric Blind Spot Evaluation
• Nutritional/Dietary Assessment
• Biochemical Assessment
• Food Allergies, Hormonal Assessment,
• Neurotransmitter Assessment
CAPS – Computerized Dynamic Posturography
Dynavision D2


Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy
• Coupled Adjustments
Class IV Cold Laser Therapy
• Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Whole Body Vibration Therapy
• Myofascial Therapy
• Oxygen Therapy- 41%- Double Atmospheric Concentration
• Hemi-Field Cortical Stimulation Software
Interactive Metronome Therapy
• Eye Lights (Therapeutic Use of Light)
• Optokinetic Applications
• Rotary Vestibular Applications
• Ocular Movement Applications
Medical Virtual Reality

• Olfactory (smell) Applications
• Postural Positioning Applications
• Eccentric Fast Stretching Procedures
• Cross Cord Applications
• Electrical Stimulation Therapy
• Hot/Cold Pack Application
• Diathermy
• Advanced Proprioceptive (Balance) Applications
• Brain Enrichment Software
• Developmental Skills Exercises
• Brain-based Academic Exercises
• Nutritional/Dietary Recommendations
• Nutritional Supplementation
• Orthopedic Products
CAPS – Computerized Dynamic Posturography