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Cecilia’s Story

“Cecilia,” a 73 year-old female, came into our office with complaints of diffuse pain all over her body. She could not endure any type of pressure before experiencing relentless pain. She also suffered from chronic fatigue and sleep deprivation. She had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. After visiting many rheumatologists and orthopedists without any cessation of the symptoms, Cecilia came to our office. Within one month of treatment (which consisted of brain-based exercises, graded aerobic exercise and dietary and nutritional changes), she was essentially pain-free. She experienced little to no pain upon pressure and reported improved energy.

Paulette’s Story

“Paulette,” a 54 year-old female, presented to our office quite frustrated with her situation and at her wit’s end. She was suffering from chronic, debilitating headaches that occurred at least twice a week. These headaches were also accompanied by nausea and neck and upper back pain. She was taking a very strong prescription migraine medication which was only temporarily alleviating the symptoms, producing unwanted side effects and not addressing any of her other conditions. After six weeks of treatment targeting the regions of her brain that were malfunctioning, Paulette ceased taking her prescription medication and had not reported a headache since the onset of care.

Susan’s Story

After undergoing a very traumatic incident involving the spontaneous collapse of a lung, “Susan,” a 48 year-old female, began to experience burning pain all over her body. She was sent to pain management, which only aggravated her symptoms. Upon presenting to our office, she was also experiencing severe right leg and knee pain. After 5 weeks of treatment, Susan was fundamentally pain-free. At this point, she is only experiencing some residual tender points which are gradually dissipating.

Jim’s Story

Suffering from debilitating neck and right arm pain that radiated into the hand, “Jim,” a 46 year-old male, visited our office as his last hope. Jim had been treated by other general chiropractors in the past with only a mild reduction in symptoms. He was reluctant to visit an orthopedist. Upon treatment which included eccentric fast stretches, neck mobilization, neck adjustments, traction, and brain-based therapies, Jim no longer feels arm pain and only reports mild stiffness in his neck which occurs very infrequently.

Tim’s Story

“Tim,” a 52 year-old male presented to our office with the perception that the room was spinning uncontrollably around him and that objects were oscillating up and down in his vision. Tim underwent a treatment of lateralized vestibular rehabilitation therapy utilizing brain-based exercises. After 2 visits he reported a reduction in the frequency and the intensity of the spins. Six visits later he no longer reported any spinning sensation. He currently is still asymptomatic.

Robert’s Story

“Robert,” a 52 year-old male presented to our office with severe low back pain with radiation into the right lower extremity and into the foot. He also displayed what is termed an antalgic lean, which means that his body was shifted towards one side in an attempt to find a non-irritating position. Following treatment with modified decompression, eccentric fast stretching, cross cord mechanisms, therapeutic exercises, and brain-based exercises he is now essentially pain free. He continues to do his home exercises.

Jimmy’s Story

“Jimmy,” a 13 year-old boy that had been diagnosed with autism was brought in by his parents for the Unlimited Potential Program. He was displaying severe dyspraxia (uncontrolled movement of the extremities), spoke very little, and had a moderate kypho-scoliosis in his spine. He also displayed very poor muscle tone. Following intense brain-based rehabilitation which included brain-specific core exercises, brain-specific developmental skills exercises, and higher cortical exercises, “Jimmy” displayed great signs of improvement. His dyspraxia was vastly reduced, his core strengthened, and he exhibited much more expressive speech with meaning.

Richard’s Story

Being an avid golfer player, “Richard” was depressed when he could not swing the golf club any longer due to severe pain in his left elbow. Just turning 60, he was just in the inception of his retirement years and could not believe he was going to have to quit the hobby he so wholeheartedly loved. After examining his elbow, it was concluded that he had a severe case of golfer’s elbow. Just after 2 weeks of active care, he was able to swing a club with minimal pain. After 4 weeks he was essentially pain free and his swing was stronger than ever.

Sara’s Story

“Sarah,” a 40 year old female came to our office feeling lousy due to symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and neck pain. She felt as if her professional and personal productivity was suffering. She had recently been treated by an otolaryngologist with only minimal improvement. She displayed a very positive attitude and was willing to put the time in to improve. After a month of lateralized vestibular rehabilitation therapy utilizing brain-based exercises she improved drastically. She exhibited much more energy, her neck felt well, and the dizziness was practically gone. Most importantly her demeanor changed and she is now an immense contributor to society once again.

Miriam’s Story

“Miriam” was brought into our office by her daughter with concerns of chronic falling patterns that her mother was exhibiting. She was interested in our lateralized vestibular rehabilitation program and what it could do for her 89 year old mother’s falling problem. She had heard about what we do from a recent lecture. After performing a thorough neurological examination, she began therapy focused on stabilizing the regions of the brain that control balance and coordination. After one month of treatment, “Miriam” progressed from a wheel chair, to a cane, to no walking aides at all. She is now much more stable on her feet and makes better decisions concerning her walking patterns.